Growing up on Robinson St

One Saturday morning Dad surprised me by taking me to a police auction and allowed me to pick out a bicycle.  The first thing I did when I got home was take the fenders off to give it a more macho look.  That bike was my source of transportation.  I would ride up to three miles in any direction roaming the neighborhood.  By next Christmas the girls got three brand new bicycles.  It seems like all the other children in the neighborhood got bikes that same year for Christmas.  Imagine approximately fifteen children riding around the block over and over again. We soon got the attention of the young men trying to play soccer in the street; we were interrupting their game.  They banned us from riding down Marc street.  Some were verbally abusive but they were always aware of the invisible line they should not be crossed.  Some of them smoked weed and were conscious of the fact that my father was a police officer.  Scrunty who was always the diplomat, explained to us that we were interrupting their game, and asked us to ride on the other streets which we agreed.  There was a mutual understanding that we would pass on Marc Street only if it was absolutely necessary.  Eventually I found myself stopping by to watching the guys play.  When I think of it, they are always playing soccer, on Marc Street, in front of Lou’s grocery on the main road, on Montrose street, almost everywhere.


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