The Pre-school Years

I was 2 or 3 years old

I was elevated to being a big brother on December 23rd 1961.  That means I had to move out of the crib to make room when my baby sister’s arrival.  I no longer had to plot attempts to escape my prison bars that confined me.  It wasn’t a moment too soon because unknown to my mother, I had just mastered enough skills to climb to the top of the rails but could not figure out how to stick the landing.  Needless to say I was happy to move.  It was time to explore the mysteries of the floor.  I was upgraded to a military type fold up cot with a green canvas mat.  Mom would pad it with thick blankets that came from Police issued supplies.  It wasn’t long before there was another baby in the crib.  Heather arrived on February 4th 1963.  It was Cheryl’s turn to become a big sister.  She was forced to move in with me on the cot.  Many mornings we woke up wet from pee.  Sometimes hers other times mine, most nights it was a urine cocktail.  We eventually got separate beds.


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