Hello and Welcome.  Thank you for visiting my blog. This blog was set up to discuss my autobiographical book, “No Fool At Fifty.” My silver anniversary was celebrated with my wife Denise on a seven island Caribbean cruise.  The most exciting aspect of the trip was being able to see my relatives in Barbados for the first time in twenty-three years.  On April 1st 2009 I decided to stop talking about writing a book and just go ahead and do it.   I’ve often reflected on my past and future on my birthdays, this time, I used my reflections to start my introduction.

On your approach to fifty you certainly have a lot more to think about.  For me it was more about where I am currently and the plans I have for the future.  My lack of retirement planning started to scare me a bit.  I am not looking forward to old age given all the aches and pains at 50, is more than enough to scare anybody.  So I joined a gym to reduce the middle age fat and to keep the blood pressure in check.  I went to my closet to give it a good cleaning, separating all the old stuff looking to make a fresh start.  No fool at fifty is about the journey of a Caribbean immigrant from the wonders of his childhood years in Trinidad, to the struggle for survival as an American resident.  I have selected an excerpt from each chapter in my book to spur your curiosity.  I hope you would find my selections interesting enough to want to buy the book and read the rest of the story.  I am honored by your purchase and thank you for your support.


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