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Learning new lessons In Life

Lendore Village

This is Michael, Me and Cheryl

I was introduced to gardening at an early age.  I was given the task of planting pigeon peas, corn and other vegetables in our back yard during Corpus Christi.  The pigeon peas were my responsibility.  I dug my rows all the way down to the ravine.  Every day we checked to see if my crop started to grow.  I was vigilant with molding, watering and pulling up weeds.  I didn’t want anything to spoil my first crop.  It took a while but eventually it was time to harvest.  It was a good crop and I was proud of my accomplishment.  Dad made sure I understood the importance of giving so we packed a few bags to give the neighbors.  Mom cooked pelau the same evening and stewed peas on Sunday.  I felt for the first time like I’ve made a valuable contribution to the home.  The whole experience is a valuable lesson in life;  You can reap only what you sowed.  It took time, effort, and dedication before I could enjoy the fruits of my labor.  The crop had a process to go through before I could reap the benefits.  I couldn’t see the results of my labor as I toiled, but I knew it would have rewards in the future.  So the lesson is to keep toiling as long as it takes.