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Living Single

At Home Annabelle St.

A friend living in the building behind me came by with the news that her sister was in the hospital very ill due to a botch abortion.  She was pregnant with twins.  This is the same sister I met a few months ago who had issues with her boyfriend, and was spending time with the family in Couva.  She used every opportunity to poke fun at me whenever I was over at their house.  I attended a block party on the other street and joined in conversation with her and some other friends.  The party was lame so we walked back home together.  Instead of taking the path to her house, she kept walking and followed me to my building.  The night was still young so we sat on my front step talking for about an hour in what I would call innocent conversation.  She then asked to use my bathroom.  As naïve as I was, I obviously must have over looked her flirting.  When she came out of the bathroom I saw her peeping into my bedroom being nosey.  I startled her when I asked, “did you find what you were looking for?”  She laughed nervously with guilt.  I held her by the waste and gently pulled her towards me and kissed her lips.  I then guided her into the bedroom where we spent the next two hours together.  I think it was the weekend before I broke my leg, when she came by to inform me that she was pregnant with twins.  I didn’t think anything of it because I knew she was living with someone.  Hey, I said, “congratulations!”  The fact that her sister was now giving me this personal piece of information suggested to me that those twins were mine.  I asked her some question just to get some information and make sure she was going to be ok.  I found out she was in the hospital for a long time and barely pull through.  I told her sister that I did not know what to say and wish there was something I could do.  She said that she thought I should know.