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In September I quietly went to another dealer, this time with a deposit in hand and was able to secure a lease.  Denise and I invited Nneka home to spend the night at our new town house to surprise her.  I took the Scion to work of course so she would no see it.  Unfortunately I should have kept Denise in the dark also because she cannot keep a secret.  Denise opened the dresser draw and allowed Nneka to get a glimpse of the spare Scion keys.  Even though she saw the keys there was still some doubt, or perhaps disbelief that we actually bought her a car.  Denise had the video camera ready as I pulled into the driveway.  As I opened the door Nneka was coming down the stairs and saw the car in the driveway.  What happen next will warm the heart of any parent.  The scream of excitement and she did not know if to dance or jump of joy.  The spectacle could only be seen in order to grasp the true euphoria of the moment which mere words cannot describe.  I wish we could make her feel that happy everyday.  She hugged me so tight I started to choke.  She then planted the biggest kiss I’ve gotten to date on my cheek on my forehead and all over my face to the point where I had to beg her to stop.  The last time I saw her so happy is when the St. Matthews Children Choir went on a road trip to sing at a church in Virginia.  She had missed out on several other excursions with the children her age.  This time she and Denise were going on the trip.  When she woke up and looked through her bedroom window to see the bus in the church parking lot, Nneka went into a panic.  We had to calm her down and reassure her that the bus would not leave without her.  When we finally got dressed and went out the front door, Nneka ran down the street screaming at the top of her voice.  Our calls to wait and stop went unnoticed  All we could do is laugh at the sight.  Nneka was anxious to take a test drive around the block to check out her new Scion.  It is one of those moments that is frozen in my mind.