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My Two Cents

Many of the President’s opponents seem to be wishing for a terrorist attack just to say that Obama is weak on national security.  They get excited when the unemployment figures go up, and are happy to report the stock market went down.  Do these people really love America?  If I remember correctly, not one but two underground nuclear tests were conducted by North Korea.  What did the Republican President do about that threat?  Nothing.  Oh!  I’m sorry, they issued a very strongly worded statement to the Koreans.  Because this President prefers to use more diplomacy in his approach to national security, they call that naïve and weak.  What should the President do? Should he start a third war by attacking North Korea?  They complain about everything the president does, he either over reacted or did not respond quick enough; he did too little or too much, he went too big or too small; whatever the president does is never good enough.  There is always something else he should have done.  I can understand the republican’s pain; At lease they know how I felt during the Bush eight years in office.  America finally has a President who does not have a superiority we rule the world complex.  He can speak in ways the common man can understand.  He sees America as part of the world not the rulers of it.