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Married Life

When there was no more that we could do, the best man, the bride’s brother, and I decided to head on home.  There was no wild bachelor’s party waiting for me for sure.  It never crossed my mind but it would have been a nice surprise.  We were cruising down a clear highway around 10:30pm before we got to the local streets.  I stopped at the intersection to enter the Couva main road and watched a slow-moving vehicle pass in front of us.  We turned right behind them before I accelerated to pass.  As I pulled to the right to overtake the vehicle, the driver of the other car suddenly pulled to the right to avoid a pot hole and ended up directly in front of me.  There was no time to react.  I crashed into the back of his car and watch him wobbled out of control before stopping.  The impact was hard but fortunately we were going in the same direction.  I pulled behind 

June 1st 1986


him and got out of the car to survey the damage which was minor.  I inquired if anybody was hurt, fortunately, everyone was ok.  Three East Indian men got out of the car.  It was immediately clear that they were all drunk.  We decided to exchange information with the purpose of settling the matter some other time.  The other driver became belligerent so we agreed to report the accident to the police department, which was half mile further down the road.  On our arrival to the station, we met a big dude at the front desk who was about 6’ 3” 250 lbs.  The driver started talk out of turn in an argumentative way.  The officer asks him to stop interrupting several times but the alcohol was having a negative effect.  When the officer got tired of trying to get him to cooperate, he leaned over the counter grabbed the man by his shirt with his left hand pulled him towards the counter and gave him a hard slap in his face.  Everyone froze in shocked silence.  His two buddies backed away from the counter, and so did I.  When the man regained his balance, he looked at the officer and said, “So you slapped me huh.”  He then said “Ok,” walked away with his two buddies, got into their car and drove off.  We all looked at each other in silent disbelief.  The officer then took a report about the incident from me with a promise to return after my honeymoon if it was necessary.  We got home a little after midnight to a quiet home with no surprises.  The reality of the three of us, the groom, the best man, and the bride’s brother, being involved in an accident was nothing but the devil’s last grasp to stop our wedding.  I realize now, how fortunate we were to be alive.  I could have easily pulled to the right and wrap the car around a light pole.  My Nissan 120Y had no air bags or seat belts at the time